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Cave In’s ‘Jupiter’ Inducted Into Rock Sound Hall Of Fame

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 23 July 2010 at 15.10

We pay homage to one of hardcore's most important albums in this month's Rock Sound - "It's still groundbreaking," says Converge's Jacob Bannon

When thinking about albums that were genuine game-changers, that impacted the way entire genres developed and whose influence is still felt today, 'Jupiter' by Boston legends Cave In stands at the top of the pile. At the time it was considered as baffling as it was brilliant and now, a decade after its release, it's just as potent.

In the new issue of Rock Sound, onsale now, we salute a truly astonishing record made by a band at the peak of their powers and place it among the all-time greats. Listen to it as a straight-up hardcore album and you'll be blown away by its orchestrated brutality, but as an inventive, imaginative and brave record it's still practically unsurpassed - by any band.

Put it this way - when Converge's Jacob Bannon thinks something's worth listening to, that normally means GO AND CHECK IT OUT if you haven't already.

Bannon said:

"This record and time for the band was super-important and interesting. The material may have been derivative of their influences, but it's still groundbreaking in terms of the performances and the way they assembled the material. Steve [Brodsky] was also superb with his vocal performance and that made 'Jupiter' a very powerful thing.

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