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Carnifex Have Responded To Their Music Being Used In A TV Advert Without Their Permission

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 18 September 2017 at 10.43

They aren't happy. 

So, an advert for Virgin Trains has appeared on TV screens across the country over the last few days. 

You can check the ad out for yourself below. It's basically trying to say that travelling by train is lovely and peaceful (hence the nice peaceful music) and driving is horrible (hence the heavy gutteral music).

Some of you may recognise the heavier song as 'Answers In Mourning' by Carnifex.

Turns out the band weren't aware that their music was being used and are NOT happy:

Like REALLY not happy: 


We get the feeling we haven't heard the last of this. 

Here's the original song for you to bang your head to.

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