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Can’t Swim Have Released Another Track From Their Upcoming EP ‘Someone Who Isn’t Me’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 18 November 2020 at 15.13

Pushing the boundaries of their sound once more. 

Can't Swim
have shared another piece of music that's set to appear on their upcoming new EP 'Someone Who Isn't Me', and it's another example of how boundless their sound can be. 

Dipping those toes into more electronic waters than we have ever heard before, the one thing that stays the same is the sheer emotional depth that the band manage to produce. 

Chris LoPorto had this to say about the track:

“'Casey' was the fastest we have ever written a song. It’s nice not to beat something to death and just lay it down how it came to you."

Have a listen to it right here:

'Someone Who Isn't Me' is scheduled for release on December 04 via Pure Noise Records. 

The artwork looks like this:

And the full tracklisting like this:

1. Someone Who Isn’t You
2. Who’s Happy
3. Casey
4. Floor 71
5. Tiny Hands

You can also check out 'Who's Happy' right now:

We spoke to frontman Chris around the release of the band's reimagined EP 'When The Dust Settles' back in May where he hinted at this new material being in the works. You can read the full interview HERE, but here's a snippet:

Aside from this EP, what else have you been working on? Where else is your creativity blooming at this time?
“There is another project in the works because of the current circumstances. I don’t know when the next time we will be able to play a show is, so we’ve been thinking of ways we can stay in contact with the Can’t Swim universe. The newer stuff I’ve been writing has been a lot more experimental with textures and stuff. There’s a lot more keyboard and more electronic drums. It’s a bit like a poppier Radiohead. It’s definitely less ‘Foreign Language’.”

Well, it’s like you’re scratching a different itch. Once you’ve scratched one thing, you’re not going to keep going at the same spot, are you?
“Exactly. The more I think about it, it’s a subconscious thing. You don’t know that you’re looking to scratch a new place, you just kind of go “Oh I’ve done that already, let’s try something else’.”

With all of this reflection, what effect has having Can’t Swim in your life had over the course of these 5 years? How has it changed over that time for you?
“Oh man, it’s by far the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my life. It still blows my mind that it’s on the level that it’s at, and that’s not even in terms of success or whatever. I was a nervous wreck before playing in this band. In my early 20’s I was super shy and reserved and never thought I would be able to stand on a stage and sing. It’s done even more than that now. It’s given me the confidence to take something that I think is cool and something that I’ve worked on and not be too nervous to put it out into the world. It’s also done so much for me in terms of dealing with people and having to be the boss at times. Can’t Swim has given me the means to feel content with myself.”

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