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Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck On New Music: “It’s Pretty Brutal To Be Honest”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 20 May 2020 at 11.45

"The heavy stuff was just coming out in masses"

It's been two years now since Bullet For My Valentine released their last album 'Gravity', but it appears that they are well on their way to putting the follow-up together.

In our recent Video Call, we chatted to frontman Matt Tuck about what the band have been working on.

He first confirmed that there are well into the process of putting the new record together...

"We’ve never had this much at this stage pre-recording. There are 7 that are finished in my eyes. Vocals, everything. Demoed up and ready to go. We’ve got a good head start and then this happened and stop the train. It’s not ideal. We did have a lot of plans for writing and making a record which are on the back burner now until further notice. It’s not the end of the world but we’re glad we took the time last year and the beginning of this year to write and record and demo rather than sit on our arses."

He then continued by saying that the songs that had been working on are turning out to be on the heavy side of things...

"It’s pretty brutal to be honest. It couldn’t be more of a contrast from ‘Gravity’ in the ferocious style. You’ve got to with what you want to go with as a band and as a songwriter. You’ve got to go with what’s floating your boat and this time round the heavy stuff was just coming out in masses. The riffs are crushing. It’s probably 60% aggressive vocal and 40% clean, which as a ratio we have never really dabbled with before. It’s very heavy, it’s very gnarly, it’s very technical. For the Bullet fans out there who like this side of the band, they’re going to lose their minds. It’s very cool and very exciting."

Well then! You can check out the full interview right here:


'Gravity' is out now via Spinefarm.

Here's 'Don't Need You':

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