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Bullet For My Valentine Set For Session With Legendary Producer Terry Date

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 October 2013 at 17.38

The man who helmed classic Deftones and Pantera albums might (emphasis on might) be producing the new Bullet record!

It's important to start this piece with a disclaimer: this is far from a done deal. But the mere thought of Bullet For My Valentine working with Terry Date was just too good to keep quiet. Have a read of our brief conversation with vocalist Matt Tuck on the matter and be sure to get Rock Sound Issue 181 (out November 06) for more on the band's arena dates and future plans.


So how far along are new music plans at this point in the year?
“We're actually going to start working on the new record before the arena dates. We've got Terry Date coming over from America, we'd like to work with him, he'd like to work with us so we're gonna have a bonding session, write a couple of songs and see how it goes."

Wow, is this session mostly about personalities, it's not like either has to prove a track record to the other party?
"We're not looking for someone to take control, we're looking for someone with an outside perspective to push where things need to be pushed. When we worked with Don [Gilmore, producer of 2010's 'Fever and 2013's 'Temper Temper] he was very much focused on chopping parts out and making things concentrated, now we want to work with someone who has worked with bands like Pantera and Deftones where that mentality was probably not in the game at all.

We want someone to go 'it's not big enough' or 'it's not metal enough' and keep us focused on our talents. We want a different mindset this time and having someone focus us that way will be good."

Is the new material heading in a direction that would conducive to that approach?
"We've got four or five song ideas down as we've been recording on the road. I don't want people to get something in their heads from my description of what we've got but it's riff after riff after riff after riff so far. We're very much concentrating on musical ability, we're showing off basically! We pulled back a bit from it on the last couple of records, on this one if we do work with Terry Date I think it'll be a no-holds barred display of what we're about."

Shine a light it sounds good already! Bullet For My Valentine jam with Terry Date and then play a bunch of UK arena shows with Asking Alexandria and Young Guns (not a bad end to the year), for dates click here.

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