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Bring Me The Horizon’s Lee Malia Has Scored A Horror Film

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 21 February 2019 at 14.23

Plus there's a Bring Me The Horizon song on the soundtrack.

In an interview with Music RadarBring Me The Horizon guitarist Lee Malia has revealed that he wrote the score for the horror film Pyewacket.

When asked if scoring a film is something he's interested in doing, Lee shared “I’ve already scored a film! It’s a horror film called Pyewacket. It’s about a witch, and that’s the old witch’s name. It’s by a Canadian producer. On our There Is A Hell... CD there is an instrumental track, which was really soft and atmospheric, and he used that on one of his films."

He continued “We got talking to him and he was like, ‘Well what do you think about doing my next film?’ So I did all this score for him. That’s a lot of atmospherics. There are no guitars or anything. It’s all just weird stuff. But I really enjoy it because I love watching horror films.”


Pyewacket is a Canadian film, released in 2017- but the release of the film and Lee's participation went largely unnoticed until now.

Check out the trailer for Pyewacket below:

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