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Bring Me The Horizon’s Jordan Fish Almost Produced Underoath’s Latest Album

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 29 August 2018 at 18.17

And they'd still love to work together in the future.

Underoath's latest album 'Erase Me' was almost a group effort with Bring Me The Horizon's Jordan Fish and Oli Sykes. 

We sat down for a catch up with Underoath's Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie on the Rock Sound Podcast this week, and they revealed that they'd started planning to have Jordan produce their most recent album 'Erase Me' after both bands finished touring together in 2017. 

Underoath vocalist Spencer shared "So between Tim [McTague, guitar] and Chris [Dudley, synths] and me and Aaron who are the people who make our records, and then Jordan and Oli, we could make something crazy. And we could really push each other and it would be something a band had never done before." But sadly, it wasn't meant to be, due to scheduling conflicts between Underoath and Bring Me The Horizon. Spencer continued to say "I think it would have been really cool and maybe one day it will happen, but it was just one of those things with two bands trying to get on the same schedule is really tough".

But what about the future? Is there a chance that Jordan might produce the next Underoath record? According to Aaron, they'd still love to work together, sharing "We would love to. I think Jordan- for a guy that doesn’t make records for other artists? His production is amazing. He’s like one of those wonder boys that- you know even that song they released a couple of days ago?  The production on that is so good. He’s literally made his band’s last three records, and that’s pretty rare. For a band that sells 20,000 tickets in London and their keyboard player just makes their records, and have the label sign off on it? I mean if we tried to do that, it wouldn’t happen."

Spencer also added that they're pretty confident a working relationship with Jordan would work, because "he’s a peer too, and the cool idea was that we all respect each other and we’re friends, but he was also like “yo I grew up listening to Underoath, and I can tell you guys when I think that it’s shit”. And I thought that was cool. And his name would have been on the line as well".

Fingers crossed that a collaboration will happen in the future!

Check out the full Rock Sound Podcast below for even more details on what's happening in the world of Underoath:

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