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Bring Me The Horizon: “We’re Not Really Accepted By The Metal Community”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 8 July 2019 at 10.08

“We’re not really a metal band as such - we’re kind of ‘false metal’." - Jordan Fish.

Last weekend Bring Me The Horizon made an appearance at the iconic Glastonbury Festival - and while they were there they discussed their appearance on a traditionally non-metal festival line-up.

Chatting to NME backstage, Bring Me The Horizon's Jordan Fish and Matt Kean had a chat about their transition away from metal, with Jordan sharing  “We’re not really a metal band as such - we’re kind of ‘false metal’... We’re not really accepted by the metal community I don’t reckon, so we’re just kind of doing our own thing I think."

Matt Kean added “It’s good that we have these songs in our set where they are quite heavy, and it might not be what a lot of these people are used to - but then we’ve got songs that are more probably to what these people listen to as well, you know. We kinda can show them all different sides of us. I think a lot of people are a lot more open-minded in these kinds of festivals."

Bring Me The Horizon are quite pragmatic about that though - and even addressed it on their latest album 'amo' with the lyric "'Cause a kid on the 'gram in a Black Dahlia tank, says it ain't heavy metal" on 'Heavy Metal'. 

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