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Breathe Carolina: ‘A Puppy Keeps Us Sane On Tour!’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 26 October 2011 at 15.44

Seriously, someone in the band said that.

Click on the image above to see images from Breathe Carolina's recent UK tour with Tek-One.

Every band copes with being away from home in different ways, Breathe Carolina's method of staying sane on tour is particularly unique!

"We've recently got a little puppy called Kevin," admits vocalist Kyle Even. "I think that he helps keep us sane. We're always excited to get back on the road though, we're at home there. When we're off the road, we're lazy and we don't really do much, but when we're out on the road we have a purpose. We have something to live and fight for. We're living it, man."

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