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Brand Of Sacrifice Have Released An Apocalyptic New Track ‘Altered Eyes’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 25 February 2021 at 10.25

The band's new album 'Lifeblood' is released next week.

Brand Of Sacrifice
are gearing up to release their brand new album 'Lifeblood' next week, and they've offered up another bludegoning taster. 

'Altered Eyes' manages to build up intense tension whilst also being outrageously heavy, with technically battering riffs, guttural vocals and high-octane synths. The result is a whirlwind of debauchery and another example of how nothing is off limits in terms of how far the band will push their sound. 

Plus the animated video will have fans of 'Berserk', the manga that the band is inspired by, reeling. Check it out:

So yeah, 'Lifeblood' is released next week (March 05). 

We chatted to vocalist Kyle Anderson all about the record recently. You can read the full interview HERE, but here's a little snippet:

So with ‘Lifeblood’, how do you feel as though the levels of storytelling you want the band to deliver changed? How did you go about figuring out what parts of Berserk you wanted to channel here?
“As far as storytelling goes, this record is from the perspective of the main protagonist from the series. His name is Guts. I tried to write things a little bit more high level and touch on things like inner demons and the struggle of dealing with immense loss. There are a lot of subjects on here that can connect with others who may not have read the series or even knowledge of it. You’re able to read the lyrics and not be completely lost, even though there are some specific references to the God Hand and such. ‘Lifeblood’ refers mainly to the resolve of the main character who continues on for his love interest. They are the lifeblood that pushes him to keep on moving forwards. That comes along with feelings of anger, hate and malice at the same time because he is seeking revenge for someone who did them wrong in the series. The record touches on so many of these emotions that we all go through ourselves in a real-life setting outside of a fantasy world.”

So when you first read the manga, was it those emotions and your association with them from your own life experiences that made you gravitate so strongly towards it?
“I think that’s pretty true. I think that’s the main thing that draws you to any strong protagonist in any series. Take Spiderman, for example, he’s just a normal teenager with the same issues as us. In this world, it’s a little darker. We’re talking about demons and adult-themed issues, but still full of this that people face in real life. As far as my story goes, dealing with things like depression and our own demons, whether that is mental illness or addiction, and the fact that those things are almost like a brand on your skin that bleeds and haunts you, you can still survive. That was the main thing that I was able to take from it. It’s a story of survival.”

So what is ‘Lifeblood’ to you? What does that title mean to you beyond the Berserk world? What meaning to does that term have in the other parts of your life away from the band?
“If we were to talk about the line, ‘You are my lifeblood’ that appears in the title track, it’s something that drives us to better, whether that be a significant other or religion or anything. In the case of the song, it’s Casca, the protagonist's love interest, but everybody has something that drives them to want to succeed and push past those demons that we all face. It doesn’t even have to be a person. As far as day-to-day life goes, I think that the band has become that for me. From dealing with the Coronavirus stuff, which did initially take its toll on me, the fact that we have been able to still put out music and have people respond to it has been my lifeblood lately.”

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