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Brand New: “We’re Done”

Janneke Stam
Janneke Stam 30 June 2016 at 13.13

What happened to 2018, guys?

During the first show of Brand New's current US tour, frontman Jesse Lacey told the audience the band are "done".

"Oh, we're done," he said on Tuesday. "Oh yeah, we're done. It makes nights like this all the more special, so thanks for being here."

You can watch a video of his short speech below.

People are now speculating that this tour with Modest Mouse, which ends on July 31, might be their last.

The band recently launched new t-shirts saying "Brand New 2000 - 2018", confirming a date for their impending sort-of break up.

"We're not breaking up," said Jesse a while back. "We're just not going to play for anyone else anymore, we're just going to play for ourselves."

So... does anyone know what's going on?

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