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Boy Destroy Has Released An Artistically Heartbreaking Video For His New Track ‘Favourite’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 15 April 2021 at 13.08

His debut EP 'Warpaint' is out now.

Boy Destroy has today released his debut EP 'Warpaint'. Go and listen to it right now. 

To celebrate the release, a visual for the track 'Favourite', a quivering slice of lovelorn acoustic trap loveliness, has been released. 

Directed by Zoë Que and depicting an intensely passionate and one-sided love affair via green hues and patchwork dreams, it's another emotive and evocative video from an artist unlike any other.

Check it out below:

We chatted to Boy Destroy back when he released the heartbreaking 'As Time Goes By' at the end of 2020. This is what he had to say about the project and the EP:

How would you best describe what Boy Destroy represents, not just for you but also on a bigger scale?
"Boy Destroy is an extension of myself, sometimes exaggerated and sometimes biographical, and an accurate representation of me. It is about turning brokenness into beauty. I want it to be both a portal and a vessel for people to pour their own experiences into."

What were your original intentions when you first started making music as Boy Destroy and how has that developed as that art has started to come to life?
"I wanted to stop poisoning myself but didn’t fully understand how that was to be done. Then I started writing about my experiences and trying to look at them from another direction. I’m both the hero and the villain of my own story."

Musically, where are you looking to take Boy Destroy as you move forwards?
"I listen to a lot of old punk rock and alternative bands right now. This will most definitely come out in the music. I want to explore more sounds and look at things from new perspectives."

What effect has having a vessel such as Boy Destroy in your life had on the way you approach the other parts of your life?
"It is an extreme luxury to have a voice such as this and being able to express my feelings and thoughts. I am grateful for this every day. But it can be hard to juggle a healthy amount of ego with my creative spirit and that’s something I always keep in mind when things start spinning. I am as imperfect as anyone else but I aspire to be a pure person at the world's service."

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