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Blink-182’s Classic Video For ‘Adam’s Song’ Just Reached A Massive Milestone

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 10 October 2019 at 12.54

Are we all okay?

10 years since it was uploaded to YouTube, blink-182's classic video for 'Adam's Song' has reached a pretty big milestone. Overnight, 'Adam's Song' reached 100 million views!

This is a big achievement for any band, but especially when you consider that this band pre-dates YouTube by an entire 10 years.

It's an absolute classic - but let's put into context exactly what 100 million views means.

If you were to watch the 'Adam's Song' video 100 million times on your own, you'd be sat watching it for:
25,318,573,236 seconds
421,976,220 minutes
7,032,937 hours
293,039 days
41,863 weeks
805 years

So... That's a whole lot of being emotional over 'Adam's Song'.

Give it a watch today, celebrate the milestone:

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