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Blink-182 Wanted Their New Album To Be Untitled - But They’d Already Done That

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 6 August 2019 at 12.15

Could have gone for 'Extra Untitled'. Or even 'Super Untitled'.

Last month Mark Hoppus popped up on the blink-182 subreddit to share the reasoning behind the name of their upcoming album, 'NINE' - but now he's shared a little more insight on to how they arrived at that name.

Speaking to 97X in the US, Mark shared that 'NINE' wasn't their first choice of name, but they'd already used their first choice before.

"‘NINE’ was something that Travis and I had talked about, and we’d come up with some joke titles and some other kind of things," Mark shared. "We’d originally not wanted to call it anything, and were maybe thinking about just not titling it at all - but we already did that once, so we didn’t know if we should call it ‘Extra Untitled’ or what. So we’re like ‘let’s just call this what number album this is’, and depending on which you think is our first album and which you include, this is nine."

Mark also talked a little about the album artwork for 'NINE', and how initially the plan for that was a lot simpler as well.

"We wanted a very simple album cover - we talked about doing a plain hot pink cover at one point," Mark revealed. "Then Travis is friends with Risk who is a graffiti artist back in LA and kind of all around the world - and he does these things called Beautiful Destruction, which is sort of these rainbows which is what we ended up using, one of his paintings on our cover."

Also, let's not forget that blink initially teased that the new album was going to be 'BOJMIR' - rimjob spelled backwards. 

Blink-182's new album 'NINE' is being released September 20 through Columbia Records. Get all the details on that here.

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