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Black Veil Brides Reveal Artwork + Tracklisting For Album #4

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Rock Sound 3 September 2014 at 10.07

At a listening party in New York last night, Black Veil Brides unveiled the artwork and tracklisting for BVB IV.

First up, here's the cover art:

And now the tracklisting:

01. Heart Of Fire
02. Faithless
03. Devil In The Mirror
04. Goodbye Agony
05. World Of Sacrifice
06. Last Rites
07. Stolen Omen
08. Walk Away
09. Drag Me To The Grave
10. Shattered God
11. Crown Of The Thorns

The follow-up to 2013's 'Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones' is scheduled for release on October 27 / 28 through Universal.

We recently spoke to BVB frontman Andy Biersack about the new album and what they have in store for fans. 


“In some ways, I wanted to tie up the loose ends of the story from ‘Wretched And Divine’.  There are a few songs on this album that do so. But otherwise, I wanted to shoot from the hip a little bit more with this one, to write about things that were happening to me as they happened. There are a lot more opinions and viewpoints, which I haven’t done in a long time. I haven’t lost the elements of that makes the band, stylistically, as I always like when there’s a theme to a lyrical style. I’m a huge Alkaline Trio fan, for example, and I’m interested in the way Matt Skiba approaches his lyrics. I’m also a big Bruce Springsteen fan, and I know his style, the kind of words who chooses. I respect that, and in that way I needed to keep elements that were similar to the other albums. But at the same time, I wanted to do something that was fun and exciting for me, not to mention different. This is our fourth record in four years, and if you write the same thing over and over – not over is it essentially pandering, but it becomes incredibly boring for you as an artist. My thing was: if crazy things happen in my life, and they frequently tend to, I should feel free to write about them directly. I should be able to talk about my political and religious opinions, and I think the sound of this record lends itself more to that approach. I don’t think that these lyrics would have made a lot of sense in the context of a more theatrical record, like ‘Wretched And Divine’. The heavier, grittier sound accommodates me in writing more truthfully.”


“In the past, I could tell before a record came out... I’d know how excited we were about it, but also what a shame it was that so many people would act surprised that ‘The Birthday Clowns’ were able to put together an album. It was always so frustrating, like ‘man, I wish people would actually listen to the fucking songs.’ Over time, I’ve realised that I do not give a shit what those people think. I’ve always done what I’ve felt the band has needed to do, to take the right next step, and we’ve never played it safe. Certainly I feel an element of responsibility towards our audience, to the people who have put us here. If new people find this and give it a chance, and the fans are happy, then that’s still the ultimate goal. But I don’t have the same level of angsty narcissism that I used to have. That’s not to say that I’m not still a huge egomaniac, just that I don’t concern myself with these things to the same degree. I have a pretty good life, travelling with my best friends all the time, people cheer when I come onstage... overall, I don’t have those concerns anymore.”

The Hollywood rockers will hit the UK and Ireland again next month in support of the new record. Catch them at one of the following dates:

03 - CARDIFF University
04 - LONDON Brixton Academy
05 - SOUTHAMPTON Guildhall
07 - BIRMINGHAM Academy
08 - NOTTINGHAM Rock City
11 - EXETER Great Hall
12 - MANCHESTER Apollo
13 - NEWCASTLE Academy 
15 - DUBLIN Olympia
16 - GLASGOW Barrowlands
17 - LEEDS Academy

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