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Biggy Clyro - Money Of Horror

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 20 December 2010 at 14.56

Biffy Clyro meets the Notorious B.I.G. courtesy of The LaFontaines!

Biffy Clyro eventually landed at the Number 8 spot on the Christmas chart as Matt Cardle won the festive race to the summit with his 'Many Of Horror' cover 'When We Collide'.

It's obvious that the lads in the Biff have clearly won big as some serious wonga will be coming their way from the 439,000 copies of the Cardle cover and its associated radio play. But, as well all know, a sizeable increase in wealth brings with it associated issues that invariably complicate life. Or as the Notorious B.I.G. posthumously (and more succinctly) said 'Mo Money Mo Problems'!

The culturally aware and YouTube literate Motherwell based rap group (not a phrase you read often) The LaFontaines have taken that classic song and given Biffy a Biggie makeover in light of recent events. Watch the video below to listen to their exclusive Notorious B.I.G. remix 'Biggy Clyro (Money of Horror)'. Truly outstanding work!

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