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Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil On Headlining Download Festival: “It Makes Me Feel Like A Teenager Again”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 11 August 2020 at 12.24

"Download and Donington is such an important part of our education as a band."

In case you missed it, Biffy Clyro are headlining Download Festival 2021. That's absolutely huge isn't it?

It will be second time the band top the bill after their appearance back in 2017, and the thrill is far from lost on frontman Simon Neil. 

In our recent Video Call with him, he explained a little what it means to him:

"[2017] was overwhelming. Every time we play a big show, the first time you do it it flies by and you don’t really remember it. It’s really hard to take on board. The second time I’ll be able to soak it all up a lot better.

"Download and Donington is such an important part of our education as a band. It’s everything about how I got into music. That’s our world. And also the bands that play there still blow my mind. Iron Maiden and KISS and System Of A Down and Metallica and then little Biffy Clyro in there. More than any other gig, it makes me feel like a teenager again.

"It’s fab. I just love that festival so much.We first played it in 2004. We’ve played it probably seven times over the years. We’ve played every stage. But to headline the sacred ground means the world and anybody who is a metal fan knows exactly what I’m talking about."

We cannot wait. 

Catch up with the full chat below:

The band are set to release their new album 'A Celebration Of Endings' this Friday (August 14). 

It'll feature the likes of the brilliant 'Tiny Indoor Fireworks' which sounds like this:


You can still pre-order the record from our mates over at EMP from right HERE


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