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Being As An Ocean Have Released A Beautifully Vulnerable New Track

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 5 March 2021 at 11.15

'Catch The Wind'

Being As An Ocean
are back with a brand new track. 

'Catch The Wind' finds the band delving back into the raw and rough sounds of their past, with despondent atmospheres, guttural cries and building tensions aplenty.

The result is a return to their roots, a vision of their future and one of the most powerful pieces of post-hardcore you will hear this year. 

Get stuck into the beautifully shot video below:

It's the first music from the band since the release of 2019's expansive 'PROXY: An A.N.I.M.O. Story'. 

We spoke to the band around the time of its release. You can catch up with that right HERE but here's a little snippet where vocalist Joel reveals what the band represents within his life and the person that he is today?

"It’s my community. We started this band with best friends - we’d known each other and been making music together since we were all 13 years old. So with Being As An Ocean, it is this amazing family that we have built. Doing something you are extremely passionate about with the people you care the most about and care most for you - that whole vibe and energy radiates outwards. It’s felt by the people who listen to us, the people who come and see us play, the people who understand deeply that we all care not just about the music, but for one another. That’s what has made this band one of the biggest things in my life - we’ve all had an opportunity to grow up while making this music. We aren’t afraid to point out each other’s failings and tell each other how to be better people in life, not just in the band. We want to keep on inspiring that sense of cathartic expression for as long as the band is around, which is as long as we are still living."

Here's 'Find Our Way':

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