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Beecher RIP…Again!

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 June 2011 at 11.59

They were here for a moment, and now they are gone once more. Gutted.


Seriously bad news time, Beecher is no more. Read the full statement from the band below:

"Beecher have announced that they will be playing no further shows together and there will be no new material; they are once again calling it a day.

The band were signed to Earache Records, releasing two albums and touring extensively before splitting up in 2005, they reformed to play three shows earlier this year, but have so far remained non-committal as to what the future may hold for them. Front man Ed Godby explains:

“When we knocked it on the head in 2005 our personal lives were in various states of disarray and we had no inclination to continue with things. Several years on, lives sorted out a bit and the urge to pick up where we left off was strong- so we planned a few shows to see how we felt about the whole thing. The shows were fantastic- especially London and our hometown show in Manchester, but instead of feeling like a new beginning, it felt like an appropriate full stop to all things Beecher.”

You will be able to keep up to date with all their new projects at Ed has a new band called Castles who will be recording their debut album with Chris Fielding at Foel Studio, Wales this summer. Dave, Mark and Danny are in the early stages of a new band together, with Danny also playing in Day For Airstrikes. Dan Shaw currently plays in The Ergon Carousel and Pine Barrens.

Beecher merchandise is still available from for a limited time.

Beecher would like to thank: Kamran Haq, Jamie Farrell, Iain Slomo Scott, James at the Borderline, Andrew Maughan, Martin Ives, Nicholas Duke, Phillip Torriero, Rob Heilig, Becky at Pioneer Music Press, Mark Forrer, Rock Sound magazine, their family and friends and everyone who came to a show or bought their music."

Check out footage from their reunion show below and pay your respects in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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