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Beartooth Have Released A Remixed And Remastered Version Of Their Album ‘Aggressive’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 18 December 2020 at 11.27

The band's second album, back and bigger than ever. 

Back in 2016 Beartooth released their second album, the harsh 'Aggressive'. Lying somewhere between the guttural savageness of their debut 'Disgusting' and the arena-ready rowdiness of their last record 'Disease', it's an album that shows off immense growth as well as some insane songwriting prowess. 

Well last week the band put a new remixed and remastered version of the album up for sale on vinyl, and it sold out almost instantly. 

Due to popular demand, that new version has now been added to streaming services. 

Worked on by the one and only Caleb Shomo, the record sounds bigger, bolder and more brutal than ever before. There some added vocal layers for extra oomph, there are thicker guitar parts and the drum lines are near enough monolithic now. 

It's almost like a brand new record in so many wonderful ways, and it's ready for you to listen to in its entirity below:

Caleb confirmed last month that the band's new album is 100% finished now. 

He also posted a little snippet of a song on his Instagram as well, and it's sounding utterly incredible:

And as an extra bonus, here's Caleb talking about making the album whilst on the road when we caught up with him backstage in London earlier this year:

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