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Beartooth And Silverstein Have Created A New Band Called Silvertooth

Tamsyn Wilce
Tamsyn Wilce 25 July 2017 at 11.29

"Silvertooth lives and will never die."

Silverstein and Beartooth have joined forces to create a band.

It's called Silvertooth (obviously) and they did a special performance at the Minnesota date of Vans Warped Tour.

Here's some footage of the carnage they caused...

They've even had shirts made and everything.

Turns out they caused too much carnage and Silvertooth have now been kicked off of Warped Tour, as revealed in the interview below (skip to around 5:50).

Seriously though, if this doesn't become an actual thing and they don't release some Silvertooth music we're gonna be mad.

You can catch Silverstein and Beartooth at the remaining dates of Warped Tour, which you can see below.

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