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Bayside Are Really Not Happy About A Lot Of Things

Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler 18 February 2015 at 16.22

The New York gents hit out at bands being bad influences on new track 'Dancing Like An Idiot'.

Featuring choice lyrics like: "You're basically One Direction if they all had throat tattoos" and "While you're dancing like an idiot, they're looking up to you", they're not pulling any punches here.

Speaking of the track, vocalist Anthony Raneri told Billboard, "Warped Tour is where you see all kinds of different people. I see bands or fans come to the show, different fashion styles, different statements. Some of it's rad. Some of it's bullshit. And the bullshit rises to the top sometimes."

He continues: "These bands are just writing giant curses on t-shirts and selling it to a kid cause they know the kid is stupid enough to buy it. We thought that it was just too obvious and not smart enough to put pictures of the bands we're talking about and want to make fun of. So the middle ground is that we used all their fonts to write the words".


The track is taken from the band's reissue of 2014 album 'Cult', which is titled 'Cult: White Edition'. It comes with four new tracks (including 'Dancing Like An Idiot') and is set for release on March 04 via Hopeless Records.

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