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Backwards Dancer (Equal Vision Records) Have Been Robbed

Tamsyn Wilce
Tamsyn Wilce 28 March 2017 at 15.17

Not cool.

Backwards Dancer have had their entire van and trailer broken into.

The band posted to Facebook with the following statement...

"Sadly, our van/trailer/equipment/personal belongings were stolen from a hotel parking lot outside of San Francisco on Sunday. It definitely sucks, but we're alive and the weather rocks here so it could be worse. Fortunately we'll be continuing on tour with Eisley & Civilian through LA & San Diego thanks to the overwhelming kindness of our friends in Civilian/Eisley and over at EVR.

"Theft is an issue that's way too common for touring bands; just last week our friends in Oso Oso had equipment stolen from them in CA, and there are so many other artists in the same hole. It totally sucks. Insurance helps, but (at least in our case) they lowball on everything and cover the least that they can get away with. As of right now, our insurance isn't covering 90% of the worth our equipment/personal belongs, which is around $30k, and is offering significantly less for our vehicle than we purchased it for. In the end of the day, we'll sort things out, but any help at all is huge for us."

The band also posted a photo of the van and a list of the items stolen, which you can see below.

Unfortunately, bands getting robbed while on the road is becoming a regular occurrence. Blessthefall recently had equipment stolen from their trailer, whilst With Confidence and Milestones had guitars stolen on their UK tour.

Backwards Dancer will continue their tour, however if you'd like to help, you can purchase merch from

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