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Awsten Knight Talks Through The Making Of And Meaning Behind ‘Turbulent’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 25 December 2019 at 18.00

"Anything that you do that doesn’t freak you out a little bit when you’re making art is probably not worth it.” - Awsten Knight.

Waterparks have taken out Song Of The Year in the 2019 Rock Sound Awards with their mega-hit 'Turbulent'! Pick up their world exclusive, commemorative Rock Sound Awards magazine and poster print now from AWARDS.ROCKSOUND.TV, featuring a brand new interview with Awsten and full photoshoot with God's Favourite Boy Band.

Inside their cover feature, frontman Awsten Knight has talked about the meaning behind the 2019 song of the year:

So... ‘Turbulent’ is unlike anything you’ve ever released. Was it always the plan to launch this new era with something that... weird?
Says Awsten: “Everybody wanted to put out ‘Easy To Hate’ first and I was like, ‘This feels so fucking easy’. It didn't feel exciting. It’s basically like the older versions of us but bigger sounding. If we put this out it would have just been like, ‘Okay cool, they did that’. It just felt really wrong and like people didn't want to do ‘Turbulent’. When I first showed it to Geoff and Otto and Jawn, too... Otto is the most blunt with me, and he was just like, ‘I don’t really get it’. And I was like, ‘Let me finish it!’. They came to the studio and heard it and everything, and it was like, ‘Fuck’. Anything that you do that doesn’t freak you out a little bit when you’re making art is probably not worth it.”

And then you found yourself in a studio with Zak Cervini, finishing it...
“I know he makes hard stuff. I originally made the ‘Easy To Hate’ original version with him. That was the first time I ever worked with him. It was like a long time ago, and we made that and I was like, ‘Zak’s really fucking good. Let me let me go see what he's up to’. I had the chorus, but it was a different version of it and I originally had it where it was just bass playing along with it, it was kind of like a ’90s alt.rock song. Then I got in there and wanted to make something dark, heavy, drum and bass and make it all sound super fucking evil. I already decided I didn’t want to do the album in its current form [as ‘Friendly Reminder’], and ‘Turbulent’ was definitely the first step in the direction of ‘Fandom’. Some of the songs got carried over and I just redid them completely, but as far as me saying, ‘This thing is not happening?’ ‘Turbulent’ was the first thing to come from that.

"As far as the lyrics go, I got re-bitter about some stuff that night and I don’t want to get too specific but it was a little bit provoked and I got re-mad again and I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to write this angry song but it’s not going to be this sad, pity, breakup-sounding song. This is going to be a song that’s empowered, and approaches it from a more confident standpoint the way a lot of other genres do’. A lot of bands approach these types of songs from a very soft, kind of dramatic, self-pitying standpoint, and I feel like that trained me when I was younger to handle things a lot shittier, so I thought it would be cool for me, but I like what it could be for other people too if they’re going through that kind of thing too. It’s a song that could be a good example that getting your heart broken or whatever doesn’t have to be the end of the world for you. It doesn’t have to be the ultimate pity party. There’s obviously still pain in the song, it still hurts, but it’s going at it from a way of, ‘...but. I’m tight as fuck, and you’re not worth that’."

This is just a taste! Pick up Waterparks' Rock Sound Awards magazine below to read the full interview with Awsten, and see their full new photoshoot:

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