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Awsten Knight On Scrapping ‘Friendly Reminder’: “I Think It’ll Be Fun To Have A Lost Album”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 14 June 2019 at 17.46

“No person who’s down to hurt you is worth an entire album.” - Awsten Knight.

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“There’s enough fucking breakup songs. There just are. Yeah, there will be some on this next album because I didn’t want to full-on scrap everything…” Awsten grimaced. “No person who’s down to hurt you is worth an entire album.”

“Anything that’s a breakup song, I want to feel empowering now instead of all these ones where I was like, ‘Fucking pity me’,” he continued. “I don’t want to be shitty, I would never in a million years be like, ‘Oh you bitch’. That’s not cool. I’m not about name-calling or anything like that, but anything that’s breakup-y, I don’t want to be the cliché white dude with a guitar whining.”

“We were all personally going through our own difficulties,” Geoff says of that period. “I was going through a really exciting time, but it was also extremely rough. I had my first kid and that was a huge moment. I had to start learning how to balance the two [sides of my life].” 

“I think it’ll be fun to have a lost album,” added Awsten, mischievously. “We were on the One OK Rock tour, and I was kind of dealing with some stuff on that. I was like, ‘Man, honestly, I’ve got a lot of other shit to say that’s not this’. As soon as I got back I was like, ‘Alright, people need to hear something else’. There are a lot of other things that are talked about on the new songs that are more of a focal point for what I feel right now. I feel like the best you can ever do is to be as up-front with yourself emotionally and mentally as possible.” He stops and thinks for a second. “I just didn’t want to set myself up again.”

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