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Awsten Knight Has Opened Up About Waterparks’ ‘Dream Boy’, And The Pressure Of “Fan Expectations”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 20 August 2019 at 10.14

This gets very real.

Waterparks frontman Awsten Knight has taken to Twitter to share the meaning behind their latest single 'Dream Boy', and addressed the expectations of his fans in a lengthy post overnight.

When Waterparks dropped 'Dream Boy' last week, Awsten posted a little about the making of the track, sharing "Originally I just wanted to have a song that was only chorus and basically structure it as if it were a remix of another song with a million sonic variations of the hook, but that it would just be the original version bc [because] I love dance music too much. But then I made one verse that really drove home the meaning of the song and had to keep it. We can get into meaning later (even though some of y’all have probably already figured that out) but that was the idea behind the structure for ‘Dream Boy’. Go stream it you fuckin egg."

It turns out that maybe not as many people had figured out the meaning as expected, because Awsten has shared the direct meaning of 'Dream Boy', and "fan expectations" of him.

“‘Dream Boy’ is about fan expectations and feeling like I’m constantly being built up into someone/something I can never live up to, which will eventually lead to everyone being disappointed," Awsten shared. "And there’s absolutely pressure behind that; when a large group of people know about 5-10% of you and still push their unsolicited ideas of who you are onto your character, cherry picking what they want to see of how they feel IRL [in real life] and (probably subconsciously) applying it to me. And it almost creates a kind of guilt behind being yourself because in a way you’re letting people own, even though you know it’s not your fault they build you this way in their heads. Also just realised I switched to third person. Prob to feel less weird about talking about it. Anyway, that’s ‘Dream Boy’. Bye.”

Check out Waterparks' 'Dream Boy' below:

Waterparks' new album 'Fandom' is set for release October 11 through Hopeless Records.

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