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Awsten Has Reportedly Deleted The Upcoming Waterparks Album, And Is Tweeting In Lower Case?

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 27 March 2019 at 11.03

Oh dear.

Look - here's the thing. We openly accept that for any other band, the fact that the frontman sent a series of tweets in lower case wouldn't be a news story. We hear you. We get it. We agree. 

However, this is Awsten Knight we're talking about. And the Waterparks frontman doesn't tweet in lower case. 

Even more troubling than the lower case tweeting though, is the content of said tweets. Mostly that he's deleted the upcoming Waterparks album.

Is this all part of building hype for the new Waterparks album (that is broadly anticipated to be called 'Friendly Reminder')? Or has Awsten genuinely deleted all traces of the upcoming album?

It's all pretty unclear at the moment - but this all comes only one week after Awsten appeared to signal the beginning of the new era of Waterparks by dying his hair red, as was prophesised on their tour merch.

The band have also begun teasing something for 7pm Saturday (in May? This Saturday? Pacific Time? Eastern Time?)

Basically, keep your eyes on Waterparks' and Awsten's social media over the next week, because it looks like something is going to happen... And possibly soon. 

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