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Austin Carlile Is Our New Columnist! Want His Advice?

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 10 December 2012 at 11.44

Got a problem, need the advice of a heavily tattooed man with a big grin on his face? Oh, we might just be able to help...

So, what are you facing at the minute? Got problems at work? School? Home? Your band just broke up? Perhaps you just want to know how to make the perfect bacon sandwich, and can't be bothered to ask Google? Or maybe - just maybe - you haven't been the same since you saw the ending of Halo 4... we've barely recovered from that to be fair.'

No matter what your situation, help is at hand! Of Mice & Men vocalist and general hero Austin Carlile has kindly offered to lend us a hand in getting to the bottom of whatever is going on in your life right now. Whatever it is, the solution to your problems may only be a quick email away...

In need of a hand? Simply email [email protected] with your question - along with your name and age (if you want - we're awesome at keeping secrets) - and we'll seek Austin's advice on your behalf. Answers will be printed in future editions of Rock Sound, so keep an eye out to see whether your problem has been solved, good and proper.

P.S. Don't forget to put 'Ask Austin!' in the subject line. That helps.

P.P.S. Austin won't reply to every single email we get because a] we'll get loads and b] he is in a band. Just setting expectations a bit there.


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