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Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce: “I Kind Of Want To Put Another Album Out”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 May 2020 at 12.48

"I don’t just want to sit around for a year and a half and do nothing"

Asking Alexandria have just released their new album 'Like A House On Fire' via Sumerian.

Though according to guitarist Ben Bruce because of them not being able to tour it, there could be another one in the works very soon. 

The first hints of that were when he tweeted this...

So in our recent Video Call, we asked him about it:

"We went back in the studio the day after I tweeted that. Everybody was like ‘Let’s go’ and I was just like ‘Let’s do it’. Our management was like ‘The new album’s not out yet, what are you doing?’ I’m a musician, I’m making music. I’m not sure that touring is going to happen in 2020. That's not my choice, and I’m not even convinced it’s going to happen until way later in 2021. No-one knows what’s going to happen but I think touring is going to be the last thing to come back after restaurants and everything. I don’t just want to sit around for a year and a half and do nothing. I kind of want to put another album out. It would be cool to come back to the touring world and have two brand new albums out for people. It’s a little bit ambitious but at the end of the day we’re musicians.

I’m not glad this is happening, but I’m glad it’s forced people to hit the reset button. The whole of the music industry has fallen into this weird schedule. You do an album then you tour for two years, then you do an album and then tour for two years. It’s very regimented and boring and not very rock and roll at all. It’s very predictable at this point. I think it’s cool that we’ve all had to take a step back and see what people decide to do."

We didn't get chance to ask more details about the penguin thought though.

Anyway, you can catch up on the whole interview below:

And you can check out a little track-by-track of 'Like A House On Fire' that Ben was kind enough to do for us right HERE

And if you fancy getting hold of 'Like A House On Fire' on vinyl, then head over to our friends at EMP right HERE. They will sort you out. 

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