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Asking Alexandria Have Started Teasing Something

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 2 March 2020 at 15.03

Is the new AA era about to burst into life?

It feels as though Asking Alexandria are working their way towards something big. 

First the band announced the first leg of a world tour entitled 'Like A House On Fire'.

Then they dropped a new song called 'They Don't Want What We Want (And They Don't Care)'.

You can listen to that below:

All signs point towards a new album possibly being announced right?

Well the teasing has started again with a new video clip pointing towards March 04 2020.

For those among you who keep a track of the date, that is this Wednesday. 

Here we go!

We recently spoke to vocalist Danny Worsnop about what we could expect from the Asking album when it arrives. 

How has it been working on new Asking Alexandria stuff? Where is the new record up to?
Says Danny: "Well I just got the masters back and it has been on repeat in the car ever since. I think that we’ve created the album that we’ve been trying to make for our entire career - we’ve finally accumulated all of the tools and pieces that were needed to be able to create what we’ve done with this album. It’s by far the most special piece of work that we’ve put together as a band. In typical Asking Alexandria fashion, it’s different."

How so?
"We’ve been trying to figure out the best way to describe it, and what we’ve fallen on is that it’s somewhere between the self-titled record and ‘From Death To Destiny’. We’ve taken the aggression of ‘From Death To Destiny’ where there was still the frustrations and internal angst, and we’ve mixed it with the passion and drive of the ‘Asking Alexandria’ album."

So how does that look?
"Well it’s a very big album - it’s long. We’ve written a lot of songs. We got to the point where we said, ‘okay which songs are going on this’ and we ended up going ‘fuck it, put them all on there’. So we’ve done that - we’ve put everything on there. There are no B-sides, there’s nothing that didn’t make the cut. There’s going to be songs where people are going to listen and say ‘I don’t know why they put that song on here’, and that’s fine. That’s the point, because there are going to be people who will say ‘That’s my favourite song’ about the same thing. Everybody is going to connect to at least one song on there."

Here's the video for 'The Violence' to tide you over a little bit more:


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