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As It Is Frontman Patty Walters Has Opened Up About The Fan Reaction To ‘The Great Depression’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 9 December 2018 at 13.36

It's been a very big year for As It Is, and they've started a lot of important discussions. 

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Speaking to Rock Sound for the As It Is cover feature about the impact the release of their new album 'The Great Depression', frontman Patty Walters has shared some detail about his favourite fan reaction to the album.

With the concept of 'The Great Depression' being so delicate, Patty shared "my favourite reaction was when we announced the title of the record, that it was called ‘The Great Depression’. We got a very concerned email from a fan saying that writing a record glorifying mental illness and depression is not only disgusting, it's potentially very harmful."

He continued "And that's the exact antithesis of the sentiment of the record. It made me so happy because that is somebody sharing the same feeling and sentiment that we wrote this record about and gave me hope that they're going, ‘You're passionate about everybody pandering too. You're passionate about everybody wearing their mental illness as a badge of honour on their social media. That we are completely desensitized to real problems and not talking about things in a conductive way’.”

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