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As It Is On ‘The Great Depression: Reimagined’ Project: “It’s Gonna Be No Boundaries”

James Wilson-Taylor
James Wilson-Taylor 20 March 2019 at 14.47

Patty and Ronnie tell us what to expect from the remaining EPs coming later this year.

As It Is have revealed a little more about what to expect from their 'Denial: Reimagined' project.

The band recently released the first of several EPs they will be dropping through the year, reworking songs from their 2018 album 'The Great Depression' in a variety of new styles.

We recently sat down with Patty Walters and Ronnie Ish from the band, with Patty revealing that in the next few releases, we will hear As It Is like we've never heard them before:

"There's some [songs] more aggresive than you've ever heard As It Is. There's lighter. There's everything in between. We have just so many eclectic tastes in this band, it's been fun to just kind of expand upon stuff that maybe isn't as 'As It Is friendly'. The cool thing about this band is we kinda just get away with whatever we wanna play with."

Ronnie added that "The new release, with all the ones we have coming up, it's gonna be no boundaries. It's really cool, super interesting. Every single track is pretty special."

We can't wait to hear what the guys have in store!

Check out the first 'Denial: Reimagined' EP below:

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