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Are Sum 41 Working On A New Album? It Sure Looks Like It.

Rob Caple
Rob Caple 4 December 2014 at 13.40

Deryck Whibley's dropped even more hints that the wheels on the Sum 41 machine are moving again.

Yesterday, the above picture of Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley jamming in his home studio with current guitarist Tom Thacker (AKA, err, Brown Tom) was posted on the Sum 41 Facebook. Could this mean we'll be hearing some new tunes from them shortly? We sure hope so. It would make sense considering Deryck has been posting pictures of him recording in his studio since mid-June (along with a picture of him hanging with ex-Sum 41 guitarist, Dave Baksh).

Whibley was admitted to hospital in May after his years of drinking caught up with him and both his liver and kidneys collapsed, but he's been recovering quickly and it all seems to have spurred him to get working on Sum 41 again.

As well as recording new material, it looks like Whibley intends to open up the Sum 41 archives by releasing versions of songs that were never used, unreleased tracks, old demos and lots more. He has already released an alternative version of 'Open Your Eyes' and an original demo of 'Crash', so keep an eye out for more news and releases on his official website.

Until then, feel free to join us in drooling over these pics of their studio set-up that Whibley also posted yesterday...


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