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Angels & Airwaves Have Released An Incredible Video For Their New Track ‘Losing My Mind’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 29 July 2021 at 17.10

A lot going on here.

Angels & Airwaves
have shared another track from their upcoming album 'LIFEFORMS', and they've really had some fun with the visual.

The song is called 'Losing My Mind' and is a funky little number, delivering soft pops of synths alongside a wonderfully infectious chorus. It's classic AVA wrapped in a glorious alt-pop skin, which is quite simply a joy.

Tom DeLonge had this to say about what the track is about:

"I wanted to write a song about a totally insane idea that would never happen, like, what if our own country was being torn apart by racists, a pandemic, and domestic terrorism, but all at the same time… you know, just normal made up shit that would never happen."

And then in the accompanying video you have TikTomk star Rampage starring against Tom playing Disco, the brother of his character Boomer from blink-182's 'First Date' video.

And they are dancing up and down the Las Vegas strip.

It's a lot and it's fucking brilliant.

Check it out below:

'LIFEFORMS' is set for release on September 24 via Rise Records. 

It will also feature 'Euphoria':

And 'Restless Souls':

We have an exclusive vinyl variant of the record available via Rock Sound Records, which you can pick up now from HERE

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