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Andy Black Has Announced The Details Of His New Album & Released The First Single

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 15 February 2019 at 07.00

Here's everything you need to know.

After weeks upon weeks of teasing, we finally have the announcement we've been waiting for! Andy Black has finally announced the follow up to his 2016 album 'The Shadow Side'. Here's everything you need to know.

01. It's called 'The Ghost Of Ohio'

02. It's set for release April 12 

03. The album artwork looks like this:

04. The first single off 'The Ghost Of Ohio' is 'Westwood Road'. You can check out the official video below:

Speaking on the meaning behind 'Westwood Road', Andy shared with us "‘Westwood Road’ is about being so fucking miserable while sitting in a hotel room and absolutely hating where I am now. It’s thinking ‘this doesn’t represent me at all, this is not who I am’ and thinking of going back to being a kid and enjoying going to football games with my dad and all that sort of stuff. Now as an adult I actually do all that stuff".

05. 'The Ghost Of Ohio' 
Speaking about the tie between his graphic novel and the album, Andy shared with Rock Sound "In many ways the comic book is a more stylised and heightened version of these stories, because it has to be. When I went to the company who is printing [the novel] I asked them if they could help me shape all of this into a way where it would make sense. I have written concept albums before, but this is my first time putting together a graphic novel. Then the record went from there."

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