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Andy Biersack Talks American Satan And Black Veil Brides’ Past Rivalry With Asking Alexandria

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 15 October 2017 at 17.12

"We were two rival groups, [and] people would talk shit behind each others' backs," he told the Rock Sound Podcast.

Andy Biersack has spoken about his experiences making American Satan with the Rock Sound Podcast!

He also spoke about Black Veil Brides' past rivalry with Asking Alexandria. Here’s how it went down:

How much of your own experience did you bring to playing the character?
"Well, it’s interesting because I have some experience with the craziness of being on tour and being on the road, particularly when I was younger. I would try my best to be as crazy or whatever as possible, but in many ways I was just a passenger because it never really felt like me . The excess and insanity of rock 'n' roll, it always kinda felt like something I was aspiring to be, so in that way I was always able to look at it in a more analytical sense, even if I was involved and being crazy and drunk and insane, I still had that part of me that was like, ‘This is kinda crazy and stupid'."

"But the character in the movie really falls through the [trappings] and the excess pretty quickly and goes to much darker place that, fortunately for me, I was never put into. There’s also a supernatural element to this movie, which I’ve been fortunate to also not have to deal with!"

How was it working with Ben [Bruce] in particular?
"Ben and I joked that we’ll never have a job where the bar is set so low for us ever again! With it being our first movie, when the two of us walked on the set, I believe all of the crew and everyone’s assumption was that if we were passable we were going to get applause... So that was certainly enjoyable, now that people can say I believe that both of us have chops, at least I think so!"

"But the truth is me and Ben came up together and our bands were neck and neck, we would play this venue one night and then they would play the venue the next night and vice versa. There were days when we talked about it a lot, we were two rival groups, we would have crew that would work for us and work for them and people would talk shit behind each others' backs, which is kind of not uncommon when you have two bands full of big personalities that are coming up and struggling to make it at the same time and targeting for the same things!"

"So in that way we kind of had a funny relationship, because Ben had a very different understanding of who I was when we were younger and the same goes for me with him, so as we got older and realised we’re very similar, it’s been a lot of fun to laugh about the past and that kind of thing."

American Satan is in cinemas now, and Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria will tour together next year. 

Listen to the full interview with Andy below, and subscribe to the podcast here!

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