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Andy Biersack Has Had To Move House Due To Harassment From Fans

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 17 November 2017 at 11.16

This is not okay. 

Andy Biersack has revealed that he has had to move house due to fans turning up at his address and harassing him. 

In a message to fans he explains that he appreciates "the dedication so many have given to me and my career over the years" but "privacy at home is important to all of us regardless of what we do for a living."

You can read the Andy's statement below:

"I appreciate the dedication so many have given to me and my career over the years however I must insist that finding information about, sharing the address & showing up at my home is inappropriate. We will be moving and I hope that going forward personal privacy will be respected. 

It’s not my intention to blow this out of proportion, I do not think there is a safety issue. I am just a rock singer, I want to be clear I do not think I am too special for human interaction, but privacy at home is important to all of us regardless of what we do for a living.

For purposes of clarity I would like to say one last thing on the subject. We have been routinely receiving fan gifts recently and while it was greatly appreciated we were apprehensive regarding how exactly our home address had been made public. Today it culminated in an odd exchange in my front yard with 3 women, one of whom appeared to be very ill. I offered to help in any way I could and to call an ambulance but was told 'no' everytime I offered to assist in that way.

While this interaction occured I noticed that one of the women was taking video and photos with her cell phone while the others insisted they were 'nervous' and their story changed many times as to how exactly they stumbled upon my home. They said they needed my phone number and asked many times what my name was but insisted they were just tourists visiting LA from a different country. We have since found the Depop profile for one of them and she is in fact seemingly a big fan of myself, my wife and my band.

When the woman who was sick said she she was now all better and okay I tried to walk in a different direction away from my home but they followed in a vehicle until I finally entered my house. This compounded with other recent similar incidents has made it clear that we no longer have any privacy at this location. I do not fear these people at all but it is wildly inappropriate to invade someone else's personal space.

I am not a celebrity and I am not able to live in a heavily secured or protected fortress. All I am asking for is the same respect that anyone else is worthy of and that is the basic right to privacy. 

Thank you."



This is not the first time that this has happened. Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie had to move house earlier this year due to "constant harrassment" from fans.

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