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All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth Has Revealed Where The Title Track From ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’ Originated

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 3 April 2020 at 13.50

"It was the key piece to tie it all together" - Alex Gaskarth

All Time Low's new album 'Wake Up, Sunshine' is FINALLY out in the world for you to listen to. 

In our latest Video Call, we spoke to frontman Alex Gaskarth about a whole plethora of things regarding the album, including where the title track from the record came from. 

It seems a though it's been around for a while:

"So ‘Wake Up Sunshine’ was an interesting one because I actually wrote that song way before we started thinking about making this album. It was a demo that I had written with our producer Colin Brittain who helped produce 'Last Young Renegade'. We had written it around a similar time that we wrote ‘Birthday’ and ‘Everything Is Fine’. It was shortly after that we wrote ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’ and I was like ‘I don’t know what to do with this song because we’re not making a record and we don’t have any plans’.

"So it became this thing that as we wrote the record and everything started forming and taking shape and we had a bigger handful of songs, I kept coming back to that title and that idea and the concept of the song. It felt like a summary piece for everything we were doing. So we re-explored it and re-recorded it with Zakk [Cervini], our producer on this record, and it just had that same magic. It was the key piece to tie it all together.

"It’s funny to think about. Something created so early ended up having quite a massive impact on how this whole record shook out."

When asked if any other songs came out of that particular session, Alex admitted that there may be something...

"I’m going to set the Internet ablaze right now. There’s like one other song called ‘Ferris Wheel’ from that. We wrote four songs in that time period, but nobody is going to hear that one. At least not yet."


You can catch up with the whole chat right here:

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