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All Time Low: ‘We Want To Be A Household Name’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 4 January 2011 at 16.00

Alex Gaskarth's plan for 2011? Nothing less than global domination. Gotta love that ambition.

All Time Low's new album is imminent in the same way the impact of a gigantic asteroid hurtling towards Earth - try and ignore it all you want but it's happening sooner rather than later, so you might as well get on board*.

We caught up with frontman and guitarist Alex Gaskarth to talk about just how they're going to conquer the planet, and you can read more in the new issue of Rock Sound - onsale tomorrow from WHSmith and all good newsagents.

What do you hope the band will achieve this year? Any specific goals?
“I would love to see this band take the next step in our touring game. Right now we’re playing the two to four thousand capacity rooms in the States, and in the UK, and I would love to try and kick it up another notch and go for the five to 10,000 capacity [venues]; really get this band into what I would call a mainstream place where it’s a household name, like the Green Days of my generation. I think that’s what we’ve all been striving for all this time: that’s the ultimate goal.”

What can you tell us about the forthcoming album? Is it all wrapped up?
“Pretty much: it’s getting really close. We’re just putting the finishing touches on the tracks and starting to get a feel for the order of the songs, the concept of the record, the theme. We’re working on the artwork right now and developing all that. Originally, it was supposed to be released in January, but now it looks like we’re going to have to push it back. I don’t want to completely [set] a date yet because it’s so up in the air, but we’re hoping for between January and March.”

What can people expect? Will it be recognisably ‘you’, or are you going for something a little different?
“It’s definitely All Time Low, but at the same time I think we’ve taken a lot of chances on this one. We’ve really tried to write songs that we’ve never written before and go for sounds that people have never heard this band do, which I think will turn some heads. I’m just really excited to put it out and to be able to play some new jams. It’s always exciting to play something fresh and watch the reaction and see how people vibe with it.”

*We would like to assure readers there is no asteroid headed towards Earth that we know of. And let's face it, the world's going to end in 2012 so we've got a whole year before we have to get all depressed and shit.

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