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All Time Low Are Teasing Something

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 1 January 2020 at 17.47

LOTS to unpack here.

2020 has barely started, but All Time Low are up to something. 

For starters, they've entirely removed their headers and profile pictures across all of their social media accounts (both band, and personal). Everything has gone black. EVERYTHING. 

Then 30 minutes later, they've posted a suspicious, eerie video on Twitter - which features a LOT of symbolism to unpack. 

To start off with, check out the video below:

First off - that panda suit is immediately reminiscent of their video for 'Backseat Serenade', which was part of their 2011 album 'Don't Panic'. 

Admittedly however, there's no panda suit in the original video. 

But do you know which All Time Low video DOES feature a panda suit? 'Birthday'. 

Also - the panda sets fire to All Time Low's custom 'Last Young Renegade' jackets... 

Back in February last year, Alex Gaskarth shared with Rock Sound that 2019 would mark the end of 'Last Young Renegades' for good, sharing “I feel like this year in general is marking the end of the ‘Last Young Renegade’ cycle. It’s time, you know?"

So with that in mind, is this just a visual representation of them saying goodbye to the 'Last Young Renegades' era, as promised?

Whatever this all represents, it looks like a new era of All Time Low is coming - just in time for the rawring 20s.

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