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All Of These Things Were Banned From A Recent Foo Fighters Show

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 7 February 2018 at 13.15

If you were planning on bringing homemade nut milk to the show, you're out of luck.

We're all familiar with the signs outside of venues telling you what you can and can't take inside.

Though we bet you've never seen one quite like this. 

At a recent Foo Fighters show in New Zealand, there was a huge list of prohibited items that you couldn't take in.

Along with the usual suspects such as alcohol, drugs, professional recording equipment and glass containers, there were a few extra ones thrown in. 

Here are some highlights:

01) Deregatory press clippings of Shania Twain
02) Scythes
03) Any pencil that isn't number two (2) pencil
04) Homemade nut milks
05) Unflattering photos of Ryan Seacrest
06) Beige or mustard coloured macramé wall hangings
07) Cream magazines that do not mention Ted Nugent
08) Wallet chains
09) Pirated VHS tapes of Land Of The Lost, The Series
10) Any mention of Frendster OR Webster (Starring Emmanuel Lewis)


Check out the full list in all of its glory below:

Foo Fighters' latest album 'Concrete and Gold' is out now.

Here's 'The Sky Is A Neighbourhood':

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