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Alexisonfire Could Be Releasing More Box-Sets

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 2 January 2014 at 10.48

Band give some insight into what their hugely anticipated box-set means to them.
Oh, and they might be pressing some more...

So remember how Alexisonfire revealed last year that they were to release a career-spanning vinyl box-set on Christmas Day?

And then the thing sold out in 30 minutes and we forgot to wake up in time to buy one and CHRISTMAS WAS RUINED?

Well there's good news if, like us, you missed out. George Pettit posted a statement over the New Year explaining how a) the box-set actually enables them to now own the rights to their older albums and b) they're looking at making some more. Read the full statement below:

Holiday wishes from george and the gang

So our box set sold out in a mere 30 mins. Selling 1000 box sets, at the lofty price of $250, on a predominantly dead format, is no easy task. It's a god damn Christmas miracle. I really don't want you to think that a gesture like that has gone unnoticed or unappreciated by the AOF camp. We love you all and are very grateful you would go to such great lengths for us.

Now we didn't make a big deal about this before but there is an aspect of this box set you might not know about.

Over a year ago it came to our attention that Distort Records was looking to sell the rights to the Alexisonfire back catalogue. That includes the self titled, Watch Out and Crisis. Rather than watch them be sold to just anyone, our manager and the owner of Dine Alone records Joel Carriere offered to buy them with the intention that once he had recouped the cost to purchase them he would return the masters to the band. This is the first real release since he did so and the box set sale has gone a long way towards giving us back ownership of our music. It's a Christmas gift that you probably didn't even know you were giving us.

So me and the band would like to send a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who purchased an alexisonfire vinyl box set.

Also, don't go rushing to Ebay if you didn't get one. We are already discussing pressing a second batch and the full lengths on their own. (More info when everyone's holidays are done)


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