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Alex Gaskarth On All Time Low’s New Song ‘Getaway Green’: “It Felt Like A Staple All Time Low Song”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 29 May 2019 at 11.27

Is there anything more exciting than new All Time Low music?

The big news from Slam Dunk this past weekend was that All Time Low debuted a brand new, unreleased song during their headline set.

'Getaway Green' has been the talk of the town since All Time Low dropped it in the middle of their set at Slam Dunk in Leeds, so Rock Sound sat down to get the full story about when it'll be released, and so much more.

Speaking about 'Getaway Green', frontman Alex Gaskarth shared "We’ve been working on things and ideas for a potential next album, and we don’t really know when that album is gonna be, or if the song is gonna be on that album - or really anything - we just sort of knew that we had this song, and we just thought it might be fun to just drop it the way they used to drop it back in the day."

But what's the plan for its release? "I don’t know, we literally have no plans with it," Alex shared. "We were rehearsing for these couple of shows and we were like ‘well what if we play a new song that no one has ever heard before’, and that was the extent of the conversation."

At which point Jack Barakat leapt in to say "There’s some bands that have a two year plan all planned out like ‘this drops here’. We’re more just ‘go with the flow’."

Alex also shared why he's such a fan of 'Getaway Green', "That song in particular just felt super summery and fun and happy, and like driving with the windows down. If there’s one thing that I think All Time Low has always had a staple of, it’s songs that sound like driving with the windows down - so it just checked that box. It felt good - it felt like a staple All Time Low song."

True that. 

Check out our interview with All Time Low below:


And check out the full version of their new song 'Getaway Green' below: 

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