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Album Of The Year Countdown: Number 9

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 December 2011 at 16.15

Twin Atlantic's debut full length earns a rightful place in our top ten.

Resonant, discordant and unashamedly loud, Twin Atlantic made THE British all-out rock record of 2011.

A flawless coming-of-age record. Don’t agree? Then we’ll fight you (Marquess Of Queensberry rules obviously, we’re not animals).

"We’ve had this presence as an annoying little band who wouldn’t go away," admits vocalist Sam McTrusty in the latest issue of Rock Sound. "As soon as people heard what we could do they started taking us more seriously. I think people respected the fact we didn’t just try and make an easy record and aim it at a younger audience.”

The Rock Sound Top 10 so far...
10. Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math

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