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Against The Current Talk Through How Their Relationships With Each Other Have Changed In 2019

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 31 December 2019 at 23.28

“We’re still figuring it all out…” - Will Ferri.

Against The Current are your International Artist Of The Year at the 2019 Rock Sound Awards! Pick up their world exclusive, commemorative Rock Sound Awards magazine and poster print now from AWARDS.ROCKSOUND.TV, featuring a brand new interview with Chrissy, Dan and Will, plus a full brand new photoshoot.

Speaking of the transformative year they've had, Against The Current discuss how their relationships with one another have changed and developed since releasing 'Past Lives'.

How did the dynamic between the three of you change over the 'Past Lives' album cycle?
Chrissy: “I think the most important thing is not being able to afraid to like address each other and just not need anyone else's opinion other than the three of us. We've been writing a lot now just the three of us, not with another producer or another writer yet. To me, I think that's one of the best ways we can grow with each other, because we're completely responsible for how every day goes, just the three of us.”

That’s a lot of weirdness to figure out. Do you feel a pressure to keep it all internal?
Will: “We’re still figuring it all out…”

Dan: “I don’t know how out there we’ve put everything. I think we sometimes keep things to ourselves.”

Chrissy: “I’ve definitely been more personally candid on social media the last couple months. I don’t’ know… people just take to it a lot more. I don't try and sugarcoat things, I don't try necessarily to always make it sound nice. It's things that everyone kind of experiences in some capacity and in some form. It's just a better way to connect as humans. It doesn't need to be perfect. We're not artists because we're perfect - we're artists because we're all kind of fucked in the head a little bit. No one chooses to tour and write and travel because they're completely sane. This is how we deal with things, this is how we figure them out and put them on display for everyone else to look at and be like, ‘Oh yeah, that's why I feel the way I feel. I feel that too’.”

This is just a taste! Pick up Against The Current's Rock Sound Awards magazine below to read the full interview, and see their full new photoshoot:

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