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Against The Current Just Signed To Fueled By Ramen

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 4 March 2015 at 16.24

This band are going to explode. And now they've got the right label backing them to do that.

That up there is a video update from Poughkeepsie pop-punks Against The Current and they've got some big news to share. Give it a watch, or have a read of what they have to say in full below.

Chrissy Costanza: "Hey guys! So, it's been a while since we did a video update but we've been super busy on tour, like we are right now, and recording, and we finally released 'Gravity' which is really exciting and we're super stoked about it. And we've been having an amazing time getting to meet and hang out with all of you guys over the past few months."

Will Ferri: "Since day one we've had so much support from you guys, and we took ATC from just this little dream and made it a reality."

Dan Gow: "And we're super excited to announce we've signed to Fueled By Ramen and it's awesome to be part of a label with such an amazing history."

Will: "FBR has launched so many of our favourite bands, and it's incredible to be part of the roster and the family."

Chrissy: "It definitely has like a really incredible family vibe which is really good for us, because we kind of have a family vibe with the three of us. We're like brothers and sister. But we were always really nervous about signing with a label because we didn't want to lose what we had created all on our own." 

Will: "It's always just been the three of us and you guys, so we want to keep it like that."

Dan: "But now, meeting everyone there it feels really right, and it's the opposite of what we were expecting. It's just amazing."

Chrissy: "It definitely feels like this little family just got a wee bit bigger."


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