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Against The Current Have Finished Tracking Vocals And Drums For Their New Record

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 2 February 2018 at 10.28

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Against The Current have finished tracking vocals and drums for their new record!

Chrissy Costanza has tweeted this:

Aaaand Will Ferri tweeted:

Can't wait can't wait can't wait.

Here's something from 'In Our Bones', just because any excuse.

Chrissy recently told us this about the record, as part of her Rock Sound column:

"Our second album felt different to write. I started out the way I ended with ‘IOB’, walking slowly and stumbling still, but now I’m ready to run. Somewhere in the process I really found my voice as a songwriter. Two years ago, I was always nervous before showing my lyrics to anyone – I never felt like I was nearly as talented as anyone else in the room."

"But for this record, I found a new confidence that made me feel powerful and strong. Writing became more fun than it was daunting or exhausting. I love feeling the song come together, especially the vocals. When my idea, or a message for the lyrics comes together just the right way, it gives me a rush that I can’t even fully explain. I can’t imagine any other high feeling nearly as good."

"These songs have a different level of intricacy than those of our last record, and the meaning behind each one isn’t so cut and dried. There’s lots of feelings and thoughts, and storylines intertwining and interacting, which is how we actually experience life. Once in a while we experience one emotion in its purest state and that’s usually very overwhelming, but for the most part we’re feeling these hybrids of emotions. I wanted to capture that."

"Bittersweet is one of my favourite words. The idea that two words that mean the complete opposite thing can be put together to express one feeling is incredible. Life is bittersweet, we have the good and the bad and an entire spectrum between."

"For example, one song is about how someone can drive you absolutely crazy to the point where you want to scream, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all bad. There’s still those good moments, so you’re caught in limbo with them and can’t seem to go or stay."

"There’s another song that’s quite different sonically to anything we’ve ever done, that feels quite fun, but the message is a commentary on society and some of its trends. I love that play of putting serious context inside a lighthearted packaging. It makes things really interesting to dig into."

"I think the hardest song for me to write, but also one of my favourites, was one about my friend who passed away last year. It’s not just about being sad, because I didn’t want to write that song – it wouldn’t have explained what I was feeling. I don’t want to reveal too much about it because I really want to dive into it deeper with you guys when you hear it."

"But in a nutshell, I’m absolutely ecstatic about this record."

"I’m so unbelievably proud of it and how far we’ve come as a band, and I can’t wait to share it with you."

Sounds incredible.

The band will hit the UK alongside Fall Out Boy pretty soon, and those dates are:


28 - CARDIFF Motorpoint Arena
31 - LONDON The O2

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