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Adam Lazzara On Taking Back Sunday’s Legacy:“I Would Like It To Be More Than ‘Tell All Your Friends”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 2 September 2019 at 10.45

" I think we’re capable of more than that..." - Adam Lazzara.

In this month's issue of Rock Sound, we go in-depth with Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara, in his biggest career-spanning interview ever. 

Across six pages Adam leaves no page unturned, and goes in deep on the history of Taking Back Sunday, being a poster boy for the emo movement (unwillingly, mind), and more. Pick up your copy now from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV

When talking about what he wants Taking Back Sunday's legacy to be, he revealed that to him it's more than just that one iconic album.

“I would like it to be more than ‘Tell All Your Friends’. Because I think we’re capable of more than that, and that’s not to shoot it down," Adam shared. "That record changed my life, it changed all of our lives, and I’m happy that people hold onto it in the way they do. But, it’s not been until recently and ‘Tidal Wave’ that I’ve realised certain things. We sing and play the way that we do, so anything we do together is going to be a Taking Back Sunday song. We can be anything that we say. When we go out to play shows, there’ll be people from their early teens to their mid-forties. Everyone’s at a different stage of their life. You change so much during that time, but to be able to be in the room, getting lost to the same thing at the same time? That’s the goal. For me personally, I’m proud of myself. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, but so does everyone who’s growing.”

This is just a taste - check out the full, career-spanning interview with Adam Lazzara inside this month's issue of Rock Sound. Pick up your copy below:


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