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Aaron Gillespie On Underoath’s ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety’: “It Was A Very Rapid Escalation”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 March 2019 at 17.48

Aaron Gillespie has opened up about the era that shot Underoath to fame.

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Speaking to Rock Sound about 'Chasing Safety', Aaron Gillespie has opened up about what it was like to tackle such a rapid rise to fame, and how the band became very serious very quickly. 

“After being on Warped Tour all summer we were asked to be direct support to Coheed And Cambria, and realised, ‘Oh, this is happening for real.’" Aaron has shared. "That was the last tour before it really blew up. It was interesting, because back then the internet wasn’t what it is now. You didn’t get crucified for your decisions, musically, so we were just doing whatever the hell we wanted to do. That’s kind of become our approach now, with our resurgence. We do whatever we want, because it worked the first time!”

He continued “It was fast. A lot of bands experience a quick success, and for us, we had been a local band slogging it out a bit… but it was fast. That Coheed tour was our last tour in a van, before we got a bus and a crew. It was one thing after another, a very rapid escalation. I remember just being surprised all the time. Here we are in our mid-thirties, all of that happened, and I’m able to remember it all. That’s such a cool feeling, for an artist making art to have people resonate with it… that’s a rare thing, right?”

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