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Aaron Gillespie On As It Is’ Patty Walters: “He’s One Of Those People I Feel That Really Works Hard”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 30 August 2018 at 09.52

The Underoath drummer has opened up about his guest appearance on the new As It Is album.

We had a chat with Underoath's Aaron Gillespie on the Rock Sound Podcast this week, and talked through how he ended up on the new As It Is album 'The Great Depression'. 

"We’re on the same label and the label reached out to me. And I’ve never really been a guy that does guest spots," shared Aaron, before continuing "But their record ['The Great Depression']- it’s like a concept record-  and they kind of allowed me to do a guest spot and just do what I wanted."

And As It Is gave Aaron a lot of freedom around his feature on 'The Reaper', sharing "What I really liked about it is that I put my own spin on it and just sent it back. And I didn’t hear anything back they were like “okay cool, thanks”, and I was like “oh shit- do they hate it? What happened?”. And then when the record came out Patty had taken his parts and morphed them to what I did, which was really cool."

He also revealed why it was that he decided to make a guest appearance, especially given that he doesn't usually do them "For me the main reason I did it is because- they were like a pop-punk band, and they really wanted to become a heavier band. They didn’t do it in a cheesy way- they kind of just did their own thing. And I thought that was cool that they decided that they wanted to go in a heavier direction, but said “we don’t want to sound like everyone else that’s doing heavy music right now”. Which right now, everyone is just trying to sound like Bring Me The Horizon. So it was cool that they kind of went backwards."

He also opened up about working with As It Is frontman Patty Walters, saying "He sent me some lyrics and he was like “just do whatever you want”. And it was cool, I was in the studio working on another band’s record- producing, and it just worked out. I like Patty, because he’s one of those people I feel that really works hard. And I feel like there’s less and less of that in the music industry today. Because it’s so easy to put your songs out, it’s so easy to tour now for a lot of start-up bands. And he’s had a lot of health issues, and he’s had a lot of shit go down in his life, and he’s just willing to work, work, work, work, work. And it was really cool, and the song turned out great I think."

Listen to As It Is' 'The Reaper' featuring Aaron Gillespie below:

Check out the full Rock Sound Podcast below, where Aaron goes into more detail about the Underoath album 'Erase Me', the band's relationship with Bring Me The Horizon:

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